Yoli - Better Body System

Dr. Marci Fish is excited to promote an all natural health and wellness program available to anyone at any age!
Inspired by her own needs and desires to achieve better health, she was blessed when a chiropractic colleague introduced Yoli The Better Body Company to her.  Immediately she was intrigued when she read the labels and DID find them to be all-natural (no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives).  Given Dr. Fish's four plus years of studying nutrition she did her own due dililegence and research on Yoli and was pleasantly surprised.  With her experience, education, and seeing results with the Yoli Better Body System you can trust that this is a health and wellness program you should check out!    

It's time to take charge of your health!  What we put into our bodies is so important and we need to honor the one body our Creator gave us.  
If you're ready to hear the Yoli message and see if it's right for you please attend a no-charge Better Body Party (BBP) at Fish Chiropractic.  We currently have them every Monday at 11:45am and every Thursday at 5:15pm.  (If thoses times don't work for you Dr. Marci Fish would be willing to schedule a BBP at a different time with you.)  

For more information you can contact Dr. Marci Fish at (319)493-0535 or www.mfish.yoli.com

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